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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 4, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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nation's capital 90 minutes west of richmond for tonight's show. the vice presidential debate. this is full of running mates. tim kaine has the home advantage. both hoping to be off and away from the presidency. facing big challenges tonight. stop the bleeding and undeniably after. this is the trump campaign. and then there was the few. 3:00 a.m. new revelations about his taxes and now over the last 36 hours, new polls are telling us that this has been a damaging week
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for donald trump standings. six points nationally and leading in all of the polls and trump now polling by the five key battle ground states. that's out of the states as well. it is damage control. tim kaine has a bit of a reputation as a mr. nice guy to that attack dog. how will he be keeping the debate. going after his character. that is a key question hanging over this debate for more now. kate will be joining me throughout the hour.
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this is one at hheop and 40% of americans said they hadn't heard of either one of these. >> mike pence has the tougher task because of the list of things that he has to defend is so long. this jnt just show what this unfolds, mike pence had national ambitions and was the governor of indiana and considered in with a lot of seriousness a presidential run in 2012. the challenge is to do no harm and figure out how to adjust afternoon untraditional race for the candidates. >> what has been an untraditional race. just in the last few minutes,
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donald trump and the vp candidates have been overshadow overshadowed. in the last few minutes, going on twitter and saying this. i will be watching the great governor mike pence and live sweeting the debate at 8:30 p.m. eastern. donald trump you watch the debate. there is a chance he overshadowed his running mate on twitter. >> that will mean that mike pence will have no idea will say. i would love to be a fly on the wall when he checks to see what the boss has said. >> i'm remembering the rally and the best he had was likability.
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can he play that and what hillary clinton needs more is somebody who come cans across as likeable. they are trying to eat into the lead with white men in the suburbs. that guy? maybe i should reconsider all the things i know and think about her. he offers her a way in that otherwise have written her off. >> we have somebody who has something else to say. sarah is a senior adviser to the trump campaign. what do you think? donald trump said he is going to be live tweeting the debate tonight. what is that doing to the dynamic? >> he will offer support throughout the debate. mike pence will do a great job and we are all excited. he is very well prepared and
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ready for tonight. i think you will hear donald trump saying that repeatedly over the hour and a half. >> do you agree he has the tougher challenge? donald trump put rhetoric into this and ideas into the campaign that are based out there. we haven't had a candidate put that out there. he has more to defend. >> not at all. he has to look at the 30 years of failure in government. this is a career politician and has nothing to show for it. this will be hard. she has been plagued with scandal. not minor misspeaks, but major scandal in every position she ever held. that's a bigger challenge to defend. you have the pay to play at the state department and the e-mail and again, you have 30 years to answer for with nothing to show
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for it. this was getting ready for the debate and pence offering a preview. let's offer that. we don't have it. we do have it. let's take a look. >> it's kind of funny. almost every day they come up with something new and different and now we got them. now he did that. he tweeted this. and they think they finally got him and they turn on the television and donald trump is still standing stronger than ever before and fighting for the american people. it is fun to watch.
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i tell you what. >> the number one comment i heard is mike pence swears? is this having an effect on him? >> i don't think so. mike pence is who he is. that's one of the reasons that donald trump picked him. they compliment each other and completely different personalities. that is a glimz of the edgier pence. i covered in congress and he and tim kaine are the most polite and lovely people i had the privilege of covering. i never thought i would hear him swear in public. ever. >> that question and the question i have going into tonight. is mike pence going after the personal issues? the personal questions that he suggested he would like to bring up. is that something talking about
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bill clinton and allegations by women and what the trump campaign said was enabling. donald trump bansed around at the first debate and he made it clear he thinks it is fair game. >> i think mike pence will make the bigger contrast on the places he is more comfortable. the economy and national security and changing the entire way washington works. donald trump, nobody can waurg. he is not the ultimate change agent. he is the most unconventional candidate we have seen compared to the status quo and the standard. going down the personal road. mike pence will stay more
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focused. i want to ask you the same question. he lived the american dream and everyone likes to talk about how you can lose money and consider yourself a successful businessman. they can point to that and somebody who is a strong leader and a fighter who and who will shake-up washington. in that sense, absolutely. >> not in all senses? the ultimate role model people can have for their kids. i have a deep personal faith. i'm not a perfect role model. we do the best we can and focus on our strengths, but we have to
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look at the strength lon ald trump brings to the table in the business sector and the biggest change and the biggest fans. he brings that right now. we are counting down to the vp debate and nicky haley announced she will activate the national guard to evacuate coastal category four hurricane pounding haiti and cuba later this week. matthew could hit the united states from florida all the way up to north carolina. dylan joins me now. i'm listening to the coverage and it sounds like it's getting more and more ominous. >> it's getting more ominous
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because the models are coming more into consensus. that tracks to if not hits the southeast coast of the united states. now is the time to prepare. there is a lot of wiggle room to determine and in the that moved through the western tip of haiti and approaching the eastern tip of cuba. winds up to 145 miles per hour. this is a very strong category four hurricane moving north at 10 miles per hour. according to the national hurricane center, it is forecast to remain a category four storm as it makes its way through the bahamas wednesday and thursday as well. after that, this is where we have uncertainty. this cone here. this shading is called the cone of uncertainty. if it goes further to the west, we could see a direct impact with floater and georgia and south and north carolina. if it goes to the east, we would
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see a lessening of conditions. to have a category three this close to the united states, you are going to have coastal flooding and beach e lotion. they need to be on alert. they could make landfall between the border of north and south carolina and stays as it moves through eastern north carolina. category one off long island new york. it's a little bit further to the west and we could see impact for the mid-atlantic. we have warnings and through eastern cuba and we will see improving conditions shortly. we have a hurricane watch along the east coast of florida. watching this hurricane as it gets closer. you take the preparations and hopefully you don't need them, up to 145 mile per hour wind as
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it goes through the bahamas and this tropical storm force winds, even if it stays offshore, that will hit the east coast. we could see a storm surge from 10 to 15 feet. that's in addition to the high tide. with the storms staying offshore. they could produce ten inches of rain. more so if it passes closer. the coastal flooding and the beach erosion will be an issue. this is a couple of days out, but bears watching as we go through the details of the storm
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itself. steve? >> over in the wther center. let's go to dave gutierrez in port-au-prince, haiti. it looks like a nightmare out there. tell us what you are seeing. >> hearing the bridge collapsed in a town in the southern peninsula and the key bridge. it cutoff a lot of traffic in the peninsula. they may have mentioned that is where matthew made right now we are having a difficult time getting information.
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and the local media is reporting there may have been people swept away on the bridge. we are trying to confirm some of that. again, this is a massive storm that went through the 80s and southernmost peninsula. right now we have been seeing and the conditions here in the capital here, the rain is tapering off. the devastation seems focused on the and the damage being assessed. cutting off access to the area.
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it will be sometime before the toll will be known, but now hurricane matthew going north wart and throughout the hour or next couple of days, we will bring you the latest as it comes in. the countdown continues up here and in the next hour, donald trump will be in arizona just 35 days before the election and how worried should they be that they are spending a day that hasn't gone blue since 1996. we will be back with more in farmville, virginia. the countdown continues. >> i have as much experience as jack kennedy when he sought the
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>> back here live, this is the tight tight of the one and only
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only vice presidential debate. this is the most published university and one of the 100 oldest in the united states. the other half of the ticket is hitting the cal pain trail and holding an event with her daughter, chelsea and actress elizabeth banks and attacking donald trump. trump has given them a huge opening thanks to his recent war of words with a former miss universe. >> it's shocking when women are called names and judged on the basis solely by physical attribut attributes. my opponent insulted miss
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universe. how do you get more acclaimed than that. we need to laugh at it and refute it and ignore it and stand up to it. >> that's hillary clinton earlier today. katie is with donald trump in prescott, arizona. the top half of the ticket we talked about was the threat of donald trump overshadowing hillary clinton as a running mate. we got word that donald trump will be live sweeting this debate tonight. we will hear more about it here in prescott. rarely do vice presidential picks matter down the line for november. they are voting for the pop of the ticket and we have two and
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donald trump with a new child care ad. he is trying to say he is the champion of women. >> we can't get ahead. donald trump is listening. >> my child care plan allows for every american and the expenses from their income taxes. >> his child care plan makes a difference for working families. >> you are seeing ivanka and talking about child care expenses here and there and talk about things where women are not getting on board the trump train the way they would like to see that. that's because the comments he made towards the beauty queen and the comments he had with
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women in the past, many saying they find him to be a bit of a bully and don't feel like he is a good role model. the women do not support donald trump. he is in arizona in prescott in a county that is predominantly white. this is not a county that will expand his base of voters and won't be able to speak to them here. they have their bases there too and they are coming out for women and minorities.
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back at longwood university, dan is the chief correspondent for "the washington post." dan, i keep thinking back as we turn our attention to the vp debate. the first presidential debate, mitt romney cleaned the clock and the job fell to joe biden to stop the bleeding. we see the polls with donald trump. he had a bad week. how much power does mike pence have to stop that slide? >> he has a little bit of power, but not a great deal of power. these vp debates are memorable and the clip we just played a moment although. memorable, but rarely consequential. they were quite demoralized after president obama's performance against mitt romney.
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it was really up to president obama the way he was in the fight. mike pence can do a little bit of good. >> what do we know? footbally if you asked him if he won the debate, he said the polls show he won the debate. privately is he getting ready in the way he didn't the first one. he will approach it drvetly and he does need a stronger performance to turn the polls around. >> the issue is not whether he is getting prepared, about you whether he performs. you can have a lot of preparation. they had long prep meetings before that debate, but is he into those? is he listening and in the moment of the debate when hillary clinton goes after him, does she focus his attention somewhere else and he talks about tweeting that debate.
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he was with the comments he kept throwing in. if he does that kind of thing, he is not going to be making the case that he and advisers know he needs to make for 90 minutes. not for the first 10 or 20 minutes as he was able to do in the first debate. the challenges he faces and anything he has to walk the line between trying to stay loyal and being forced to talk about the muslim ban. what does he do some. >> he will try to do what he has and doing separate markers.
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it's harder when he is under pressure. i don't know how many tens of millions of people are watching tonight. it will be the biggest audience either have had. there is more pressure on pence because the trump campaign is at a different moment. hillary clinton did not get a sustained attack against her. mike pence is more disciplined than donald trump. he will be working to put tim kaine on the defensive about hillary clinton's record the way she wasn't. there will be a little bit of eveninging up. >> a more traditionally trained debater pence than with donald trump. we are juggling two big stories and the preparations for this debate. it is also hurricane matthew.
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look at the massive storm. this made landfall and packing the 145 miles an hour winds. a very key bridge about what to call route two that bridges that southern peninsula that has been washed away. the concern is that this was where much of the relief effort was going to center around the bridge. it was going to be used by relief agencies and it was in the earthquake and that was the plan after this storm had. that is now gone. there will have to be a reassessment and going to be a very badly damaged country. this is the fourth country in the western hemisphere. south carolina declaring a state of emergency. nicky haley calling out 1800
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members of the national guard to assist with evacuations that begins tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. it's one million people along that area will have to move inland and the governor wants everybody 100 miles from the coastline. this storm may only be a category three storm by the time it makes landfall, but it's the storm search. they are saying it can be as bad in north care loo ina. that's starting at 3:00 and hopefully the state of emergency being declared and they will assist in the evacuations. they are seeing gas lines around south carolina as they prepare for the storm.
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>> we will bring you everything we learn as we learn it and turn back to politics. the countdown in the debate. a quarter of americans say they don't know enough about tim kaine or mike pence. how they are making themselves more known to voters. see this crowd behind me? i will get down there and challenge them and see if they know their vice presidential candidate. stay tuned. you will not want to miss that from the campus.
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>> we are back here in farmville, virginia. home of the lancers. about 65 miles west of the
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hometown of richmond. hillary clinton's running and mike pence of indiana. the one and only vice presidential debate of the 2016 campaign. almost exactly 40 years ago it is to day of the first vice presidential campaign. there was no cable news back then, but it was and we have kelly o'donnell behind the scenes. they hope to put pence on defense. we are in the spin room and there is an area set up where reporters have been come in every 15 minutes or so. tim kaine has been given a chance to see the debate stage and got a feel for that and went
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to a local museum that was the early start of the american civil rights movement. as he was exiting, he was asked by reporters and they say senator cane said he is feeling great and excited about tonight. behind the scenes, they have been working on tim kaine can make mike pence and the positions he has taken and the tone of the campaign. mike pence is working on his repertoire and he is going to try to make it about hillary clinton to pivot from the more contentious things back to issues and show a dwight on issues between the clinton campaign and the trump cam pair. if there is a chance to see something about issues, that might be the best chance in the long and often high voltage season.
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tim kaine has the home state advantage. he's the governor here and congressman jerry conley, a democratic supporter of hillary clinton joins us from the nation's capital. tank thanks for taking a few minutes. he was going to be in a different position than hillary clinton and mike pence is a more traditional debater. there are lines of attack and mike pence maybe is more skilled than donald trump of prostitu prostituting the lines of attack. >> i would say that would be true in a campaign, but the intervening events since the last debate are so extraordinary that there is a burden of pence
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to explain himself. you have to explain why you think not paying taxes is genius or not. and miss universe because of her weight issue. >> is that something tim kaine will be able to continue to return to and continue to attack? cane does have a reputation in a good sense it's a political attribute for being a nice guy. do you think tim kaine can do that? >> absolutely. i have been with tim throughout his political career here in virginia. i have watched him debate when he ran for beaut governor and watched him debate when he ran for governor and the u.s. senate. this is a very skilled debater. he is a nice guy, but don't you should estimate him in a foot fight. >> congressman jerry conley from this state. thank you for that. going to burn back to the
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developing weather center. this is a big one. hurricane matthew in haiti heading up the east coast in the united states. i want to bring in cal perry. he is following the storm. we have heard more from nicky haley ordering evacuations. what did you have to say? declaring a state of emergency. massive debails are you should way. >> declaring a state of emergency at 7:30 and that allowed me to activate national guardsmen to help. we will going to be doing medical evacuations and they are handling all of those. we are looking at a category two or three hurricane which will be to seven foot surges possible. keep in mind that half of the fatalities we see is when the water comes onshore. we will be watch iing that and
1:40 pm
take it very seriously going forward. boy the forestry commission, we have decided that we will evacuate coastal communities starting tomorrow. >> that is 100 miles they want people to move inland from the counties along the coast. we are betting that all events will be candled. it will be powerful with that storm surge and something that we have seen in the past. nothing to take lightly when you declare the state of emergency on the national guard for help as they start to evacuate the areas. we are starting to see the.
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>> keeping taps on the latest. 5:00 eastern and the live telecast of the debate. 9:00 eastern and that will be followed by the late night coverage and next after this break, i am going down there to see the students here and give them a pop quiz on politics and i have prizes. stay tuned. we are coming right back.
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back here live in farmville, virginia playing host to the debate and standing by waiting for donald trump out in arizona that can start any minute now. we figured we would come down and play a little trivia. we did a game show and let's bring it back for the crowd here. the hospital is vice presidential history. we have contestants here. who wants to show you what they know about vp history?
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>> who is this? >> berkeley peterson. >> this is a hoff more level question. >> i'm a freshman. >> a little fast then. who was the last vice president to be president? >> george h.w. bush. >> some university hot sauce. >> we have the label on it. that's great. who else wants to play. any volunteers? >> right here. >> me your name? . >> dale jordan. we have to go to a harder one. that seemed too easy. let's try this one. this vice president ran to succeed his boss and won the popular vote only to lose in the electoral college. no hints, please. he run the popular vote and
1:47 pm
laugh the electoral college. three seconds on the clock. >> gore. >> i think i heard somebody say it, but i'm in a good mood. >> who is next? we will go down to this end. >> all right. here you go. two women in history have been nominated by a major party for vice president. one was sarah palin. who was the other? ferraro he said with 1 fidence. gerald eastern ferraro. >> one other. would you like to? she doesn't. we have a volunteer. >> i'm zack. >> last question. let's see if you can nail this one. which vice president infamously misspelled the word potato while
1:48 pm
in office? >> cheney? >> i'm sorry. incorrect. anybody have the right answer some. >> dan quayle. we will give it to this fellow right here. you have the best one. the basketball. thank you, everybody for playing. that was impressive. thank you for giving out the expensive prizes. everybody has a lot of fun. debates are often as much about style as substance. maybe no exception to that. some of the most classic election moments have come out of debates. here's a memorable in 92. independent vice presidential candidate james stock dale introduced himself like this. >> each candidate will have two minutes for an opening statement. your opening statement? >> who am i? why am i here?
1:49 pm
>> he was asking a question a lot of americans were asking that night. let's bring in a democratic strategist. he probably remembers that moment pretty well. let me ask you, if you were in there in that prep room getting ready to go out on that stage, what's the advice you give before he goes out there for that debate with mike pence tonight? >> we have momentum. let's build on it. more than anything, trump had a terrible week and what he wants to do is keep the heat on. i'm not going to be surprised if he doesn't say i will release my tax returns like you have. so has hillary rodham clinton. let's get this behind us. i can't imagine they won't do 134g something like that to get
1:50 pm
it going. >> reporting in advance of the debate where they thought they could lay a trap for donald trump and that's what they did with the alicia machado comment made at the end of the debate that they laid the trap and donald trump spent all week making worse for himself. is there a trap that tim kaine can lay tonight? >> i know governor pence came across and governor cane did with the class. pence is a genuinely polite man. he is conservative and ideological and he is not giving in to the kind of emotions that trump is. i don't know ha he will try that. kaine is -- i have never seen a governor more knowledgeable. less ideological.
1:51 pm
this is the subject of that and he falls through the trap door. >> let me ask you and you have been through the campaign before you have seen the share of campaigns. hillary clinton had a good week and at the same time you can look through that. donald trump within striking distance. we have seen volatility in the polling and you have been looking in the race and talked to the campaign and what do you think the biggest vulnerability is right now and the biggest caution taking a lead into the home stretch. >> i think they need to -- in the final two debates, you have to give perspective and trump placed himself in the path. tonight is different. as much as they have momentum, trump is going in the wrong direction and they want to keep it up. you will see here senator cain talk more. how much is the vice presidential candidates going to
1:52 pm
talk about himself and each other and how much about the vit vice presidential candidate. they will talk more about that than themselves or each other. that's what i expect tonight. >> already. out in arizona, thank you for the time. appreciate it. back here live on the campus of longwood university. live coverage in the countdown. stay with us.
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we are back. not too far from here, back on set now and joining me again, kasie hunt and correspondent for vice news that will premier on hbo next minute. speaking of upcoming events, we have been talking about what they need to do. it's a good night if what happens? >> if it looks like the trump campaign is back on track after what happened after the last debate. that's the main goal that they have to get done right now. he needs to show we are confident and the trump campaign had a bad week or so and they put that back on track. >> it's a good night for tim
1:57 pm
kaine if? >> in part it will be trying to hammer in on parts of temperament and who is more prepared to be commander in chief. the clinton campaign and seizing on issues of taxes and a lot of the momentum they have done. it will be a very real debate on the issues that play well for democrats on lgbt rights. the controversial initial build up. >> playing the prosecutor. >> playing the prosecutor and bring up abortion and mike pence's record where the constituencies where they do lean democratic. >> how prepare is pence going to be if kaine comes in and deflects the attacks? >> he used to be a talk radio host. this is what he likes to do. he was a congressman and a governor. this is a very prepared set of
1:58 pm
people. that part that was about the last debate. what is trump going to do? he never has done this before. they are ready for this. it will be interesting to see how they play this off. how pence will react to it. he likes to talk about ideas. he does it all the time. >> casey, you are interesting the battle ground. i want to put them on the screen again. in the last 24 hours. what these candidates are doing. great news for hillary clinton and look at what they are doing. >> as you look through this, thises you that clinton is in a strong position and where she was more at risk, florida and north carolina, they seem to have helped her. i want to underscore ohio and that is the pce where trump is leading in this poll and according to the sources i have talked to.
1:59 pm
both internal polling and qualitative information that they are picking off from being on the ground. this goes to the wider map that democrats will be grappling w. the clinton campaign speaking with just ohio and eventually pennsylvania will probably end up there. the demographics are changing and eventually georgia. that will be the new happen to the party. this is because ohio is getting older and whiter and changing in ways that are deeply familiar with the ins and outs of the places in ohio. the map of ohio when you compare 2012 to 2016, the red and blue will be completely different. likely to go to trump. >> youngstown. >> they will lose there. the clinton campaign is on the verge of admitting they woend lose in ohio. they get the election results.
2:00 pm
it is amazing and ohio, virginia and colorado and this is the ultimate swing states. they may not be that competitive. thanks for joining us. that doll it for this hour. live on the campus of longwood university and the special prime time coverage begins with "meet the press"daley and that is next. the big event followed by the post debate analysis starts right now. if it's tuesday, tim kaine and mike pence get their first and only chance to square off in a nationally televised debate. >> don't the crash of the running mates. what's at stake for both campaigns. did ril he clinton really get a bounce out of the debate? >> there are only 35 days left. can you believe that? >>


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